St John’s, Muxton

St John’s is an Anglican Parish Church and a community centre. Our building is used almost every day for services or community activities. It is a versatile building with good facilities that allows it to be used for a wide variety of functions.

St John’s has not always met in the modern building we now use. The current building was built in 1997 and opened in 1998 but before that the original tin chapel was used.

The Tin Chapel was purchased for £100, and was built in 1894 as a Chapel of Ease for the elderly residents of the parish of Lilleshall who were unable to get to the main parish church in the winter months. It was built to seat 45 people (uncomfortably!), with 13 wooden pews. The largest service held at the Tin Chapel was a Harvest Festival with approximately 120 people in attendance. It was so full the Vicar had to stand amongst the offerings and was unable to move from that spot for the duration of the service!


Inside the Chapel

The Chapel was not only too small for the growing community it served, it also lacked facilities. Coffee was served after the service off makeshift tables made from a pair of old wardrobe doors over the tops of 2 of the pews. There was no vestry, so when the Bishop visited, he had to get changed on the grass in front of the church! Sunday school was held in a nearby house, where almost every room was used to accommodate the 40+ children who attended each week.

The New Building

In 1997 it was decided a new building was needed and through much hardwork and prayer the funds were raised to build the St John’s Church and Community Centre we now use.